Terms and Conditions

RECOM is a tutorial college that offers CIM marketing professional qualifications through one of the study centres certified by CIMG. The CIMG Awarding Body for marketing qualifications is not RECOM. As evidenced by the following, RECOM has its own Terms and Conditions for learners.

Course start dates

You will be able to view the commencement date of your course on the RECOM website. You will receive an email at least two days before the scheduled start date with login information for the RECOM online sessions and other helpful material.


Until complete payment is made or the enrolment form has been signed, enrollments made by phone, email, or online are considered provisional enrollments. Whether you choose to pay online or offline, accepted completed enrolments and purchases are regarded as firm orders after they have been processed. You must make sure you are on the proper learning route in order to gain the qualification. Call us at +233 (0)244 906340 if you’d like additional details and to see if the qualification track is the correct choice for you.

You have the legal right to cancel your order for the majority of digital products purchased online within 14 days of the order’s acceptance if you’re making a consumer-only purchase. If you decide to cancel after you have begun downloading your training materials or have begun the course, you will not be eligible for a partial or full refund (including if you are given access to RECOM online sessions before the official start date).

Course fees

Fees include the following:

  • Tuition costs – tuition varies depending on the study level
  • 24/7 access to RECOM e-Library learning resources– planned outages will be communicated via email/WhatsApp group/Twitter or RECOM’s Google classroom platform

*If your studies run for over 12 months, you will be required to obtain another year’s CIMG membership to continue.

You are responsible for keeping your membership paid and up to date. Please ask the RECOM team for help with your CIMG membership if required. Fees include the following (which, if requested by the student, will not require additional charges):

  • Revision workshops
  • Additional course resources if available
  • Individual feedback reports

Fees do not include the following (which, if requested by the student, will require additional charges):

  • Exam resits and/or assignment resubmissions – fully paid membership is required for any resits


The entire payment of all course fees must be made no later than five days before the course’s scheduled start date, or immediately in the case of late enrollment. Within three weeks of the course start date, enrollments are considered to be late. Enrollments received more than three weeks after the course’s scheduled start date will not be accepted by RECOM. Only when the entire amount has been paid and cleared is the invoice considered to have been settled.

Bank details

Bank: XXX

Account name: Rumis Engage College of Marketing

Account number: XXX

Sort code: XXX

RECOM learners experience team contact: +233 (0) 244 906 340

Intellectual property

All materials supplied by RECOM remain the intellectual property of RECOM and its partners, who assert their right to worldwide copyright unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing.

Assignments submitted by RECOM learners remain anonymous for assessment purposes and marked assignments or mock exam scripts are not returned to learners under the RECOM grading body policy. All content of assignments or exams will not be divulged unless express permission has been obtained from the originator.

Liability and Indemnity

Except as expressly provided for herein RECOM, its employees shall not in any circumstances be liable for consequential, indirect or special damages of any kind arising out of or in any way connected with the performance or failure to perform this agreement. Nothing in this agreement shall serve to limit or exclude either party’s liability for death or personal injury caused by their negligence.

Other terms

RECOM and CIMG Awarding Body reserve the right to remove any learner from their programme should their behaviour be deemed to be inappropriate by CIMG or its partners. This would result in no refund of course fees or other costs being paid.