Pathway 1
Professional Certificate in Marketing

Qualification Overview

The purpose of the professional Certificate in Marketing Pathway 1 is to equip learners with applicable, modern-day marketing techniques for use in the global marketplace.

The learner will have a practical understanding of the values and application of marketing at a tactical level while leveraging on the skills and knowledge to plan and execute marketing programmes appropriately.

Holders can comprehend the broader role of marketing and how their practical skills can be utilised in their professional progression within the marketing industry. By successfully completing this CIMG qualification, you’ll be able to perform in a support-level role, especially in marketing roles such as marketing officer, social media officer, client engagement officer, marketing research officer, eCommerce officer, etc. 

Entry Requirement

SHS/A-Level/ABE (level 3 and similar qualifications)/DBS – must have taken & passed all subjects

Non-Marketing Degree/Masters and Professional qualification with no prior marketing experience – must have taken and passed all subjects

Mature Students – must have taken & passed all subjects






Qualification and Tutorial Fee

RECOM Registration Fee
RECOM Tutorial Fee
GHS500 per module

Qualification Structure

Fundamentals of Marketing** + Business Law and Ethics + Buyer Behaviour = Professional Certificate in Marketing

Your Next Pathway

A. Join pathway 2, which is the Professional Advanced Certificate in Marketing. B. *Please note that payment applies to those who break their registration for more than one year. C. ** Appropriate subject (s).

Study Schedule

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